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MCBorrelli Advisors Limited will provide compliance consulting services focusing on cryptoassets. Recognizing that a vital aspect of operating a compliance-oriented professional services firm is to create value through a forward-looking approach to risk and compliance. The Company’s service offering will highlight the array of compliance-based policies, processes, procedures and other intellectual property that can be applied to cryptoassets within the financial services sector. Offering a bespoke, specialised service, the Company will cater to relevant ecosystem actors in the UK financial services industry in an effort to build an innovative, compliant and risk-based financial services sector.

MCBorrelli Advisors Limited will create an online brand that financial services industry market participants will recognize as a leader in the field of compliance consulting for cryptoassets. Company revenues will be generated from its clients from six specific fee types: (i) Fee-for-Service; (ii) Project-based; (iii) Item-based; (iv) Licence; (v) Retainer; and (vi) Referral. The Company will develop and market its service offering via online and offline means.#

In the absence of a formal definition of ‘Compliance Consulting’, it is presumed that it constitutes a sub-category of ‘Management Consulting’. Therefore, it is presumed that MCB qualifies as a management consultancy firm whose services pertain to financial services compliance and regulation.


Company Overview

Key Facts

Legal Name: MCBorrelli Advisors Limited

Head Office: 40 Dukes Avenue, Chiswick, London, W4 2AE, United Kingdom

Registered Office Address: 28 Minchenden Crescent, Arnos Grove, London, N14 7EL, United Kingdom

Company Number: 13552648

Date of Incorporation: 06/08/2021

Legal Form: Private Limited Company by Shares

Legal Jurisdiction: England and Wales

SIC Code: 70229: Management consultancy activities other than financial management

Description of Services: Offering and delivering set of multidisciplinary activities of intellectual work, within the field of compliance consultancy, which aims to create value or promote changes, by providing advice and proposing solutions, by taking into account actions or by producing deliverables.

Nature of Business: Compliance consultancy

Area of Expertise: Financial services regulation



Our Strategic Priorities

Our strategic priorities are aligned with our clients' needs and requirements. We aim to benchmark our services, accordingly.


Our Memberships

Extensive network spanning Academia, Industry, Government and Regulatory domains

We are in the process of applying to become member of various industry associations to gain technical know-how, knowledge and resources from multiple stakeholder, including regulators, policy makers and other market participants. Subject to approval, these will allow us to remain aware of, and contribute to, developments in the Cryptoasset sector.


Global Digital Finance (GDF)


We are a Working Member of GDF, the leading global members association advocating and accelerating the adoption of best practices for digital assets.

Our membership gives us a competitive advantage by way of the following:

  1. Working Groups: 

    • we contribute to, and participate in, working groups that are at the forefront of creating market and conduct standards and best practices for crypto asset and digital finance participants. 

  2. Events & Media:

    • we regularly join a global community of industry participants through the GDF's global summits, hosted quarterly. A key advantage is the sharing of industry expertise.

  3. Code of Conduct & Registration:

    • we underwent a registration scheme to attest our adherence to the Code of Conduct. Through Registration, we demonstrate our commitment to governance best practices to foster transparency, establish credibility and promote higher professional standards to better enable industry growth and future innovation.

  4. Programmes & Advocacy:

    • we engage with global experts to engage policy makers and regulators to advocate industry best practice. Our network consists of Advisory Group members which include specialists from regulators, governments,  industry and academia.

Our Ethical Principles

Acting with honesty, integrity and professionalism

We provide our services in the course of business with the aim of: (i) serving the public in general, the client in particular; (ii) upholding the reputation of the profession of management consultancy; and (iii) complying with the applicable laws.


Responsibility to the public

Optimizing personal, client and other resources to complete an assignment.


Responsibility to the public

Recommending solutions that are compatible with the principles of sustainable development.


Responsibility to the public

Representing the interests of the consultancy industry to the wider community


Responsibility to the public

Being aware of and complying with applicable laws and regulations relevant to the assignment.

Not causing any person or persons to contravene any applicable laws and regulations during the assignment.

Public confidence

Responsibility to the public

Conducting their activities at all times in a manner that fosters confidence in the profession.

Respect for the profession

Responsibility to the profession

Exhibiting conduct that reflects honourably upon and enhances the standing and public regard of the profession.

Integrity and professionalism

Responsibility to the profession

Maintaining integrity and professionalism at all times.

Respecting the rights of other professionals in the consultancy industry by not using proprietary information or methodologies without permission.

Maintaining disciplinary mechanisms to uphold the applicable codes of conduct.


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