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MCBorrelli Advisors Limited (MCB)

Crypto-Compliance-as-a-Service (CCaaS)

Compliance consultancy firm offering bespoke, specialised compliance and regulatory services for firms dealing in cryptoassets.

MCB is a UK-based consulting firm. The company offers compliance, regulatory support and risk management consulting services. MCB operates in the UK. The company operates its business through a single business segment, consulting services. 

MCB provides consulting services to clients in a range of compliance and regulatory matters concerning cryptoassets, which provide research, analysis, advisory, implementation, and comprehensive support in adherence to applicable obligations under the applicable financial services frameworks in the areas of regulatory compliance, risk and regulation and policy. It offers consulting services through a highly credentialed, knowledgeable and experienced staff employee consultant.

The company services to firms undertaking specific activities in relation to cryptoassets as well as any supporting third-parties. MCB’s services are related to, for example, research, regulatory and rules mapping, regulatory radar, education and training programmes, risk-based advice, regulatory analysis, strategy development, authorisation and licensing, forensic investigations, risk management and thematic reviews.


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Value Propositions

Benefit To Our Clients

MCB’s clients will receive value added services because of several key value propositions:

  1. Unique experience: MCB will provide a unique consulting experience for the consumer in the course of business. MCB will use the latest technology, educational material and techniques to provide its clients with robust toolset.

  2. Unique content: MCB’s content will encourage its clients to subscribe to additional, or make onward referrals for existing, services.

  3. Highly customizable: MCB’s service offering will be bespoke and customizable for the needs of each client. The greater the number of regulatory requirements encountered by MCB’s clients, the consulting experience becomes more holistic in nature, eventually offering selections that meet each client’s regulatory compass.

  4. Easy to use: MCB’s service offering can be built specifically for each client and will be extremely easy to use (depending on the underlying service required). The negotiation and engagement experience will be effortless and MCB will present its services in a manner that is neither cluttered nor uneasy to view.

  5. Community: MCB will build a strong community of clients in the cryptoasset sector who have similar regulatory obligations and requirements. This direct communication between its clients will allow for the exchange of information, fostering collaboration, innovation, synergies and mutually beneficial relationships.

  6. Culture specific: MCB will meet the specific needs of various cultures around the world reflecting specific tastes and needs.

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Mission Statement

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

To become a market-leading regulatory consultancy in the UK by maintaining useful relationships with clients involved in the cryptoasset industry via the provision of a knowledge, experienced-based service. MCB aims to help clients scale quickly, efficiently whilst using the regulatory environment to their advantage by following the right regulatory strategy framework.

  1. Regulatory Moats: Regulation creates moats, which is bad for new entrants, but good for those who break in.

  2. Eager Regulators: Regulators eager to work with start-ups are a key part of the consideration as to where to set up a business.

  3. Regulatory Scale: For businesses below a certain scale, the relative cost of compliance decreases when growing.

  4. Trailblazers: Being a trailblazer can be expensive; sometimes being a close follower can be the sweet spot.

  5. Interaction: Skillful regulatory interaction is key and should be an afterthought.

  6. Local Regulations: Local regulations and regulators matter and must be addressed early and in expansion.

  7. Precedents: Precedents are very powerful to make regulators accept a new business model.

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Founding Principle

MCB was founded on the premise of bringing the institutional rigour of the existing financial services legal and regulatory framework to a new asset class fraught with uncertainties, risks, ambiguities and challenges. The ultimate goal of MCB is to assist clients in adapting and thriving in a financial services industry that adheres to three main pillars of financial regulation: (i) financial stability; (ii) market efficiency, transparency and integrity; and (ii) consumer protection.


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